since 2005

Adorning features of the urban landscape such as signposts, bike racks, and public benches with brightly colored knitted or crocheted covers, yarnbombing (a.k.a. graffiti knitting, yarnstorming, and grandma graffiti) is a fast-growing street art movement now seen in public spaces all over the world. The phenomenon’s beginnings are attributed to business owner Magda Sayeg and her “Knitta Please” knitting group in Houston. Her simple and inexpensive methods have inspired others to take their needles to the streets the world over, with the shared aim of “cozying up” cold and uninviting public spaces. Yarnbombers range from guerrilla groups with unique urban agendas to artistic expressions or social commentary by individuals (such as New York artist Olek whose handiwork on the Wall Street bull is pictured).

Community, Information, Pleasure
1-200 hours
1 + many
Problem - sterile urban environments
Solution - custom-knitted covers for urban furniture