Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

PHS Pops-Up Garden



In May 2011 the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) transformed an empty lot in downtown Philadelphia into a lush garden with fresh organic produce, open to the public. In a single growing season, it produced 600 pounds of vegetables, most of which went to PHS’ City Harvest, a program that distributes fresh vegetables to area food cupboards and draws from a network of community gardens. PHS also partnered with chefs from Center City restaurants, who used the produce in signature dishes. The pop-up garden attracted 6,000 visitors who attended tours and dozens of educational sessions and performances. The garden was dismantled in October, with materials either given to local garden groups or recycled. A new PHS Pops-Up was installed on a different vacant lot in spring this year.

Community, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
100,000 donated
12 weeks – design and construction
100’s – staff, contractors, and volunteers
Problem - unattractive, unused vacant lot
Solution - grow food and create neighborhood amenity