Graham Coreil-Allen

New Public Sites

Baltimore & elsewhere

2007 to present

Artist Graham Coreil-Allen applies psychogeography and Situationist principles to the everyday urban walking tour in his New Public Sites project. After extensive research into the definitions of and legal issues surrounding public space, Coreil- Allen developed an understanding of the latent potential in empty, ambiguous, contradictory, or invisible areas of the city. Through a series of guided walking tours that use architecture and planning terminology in a “playful yet serious” manner, Coreil-Allen activates and informs citizens about the civic and social possibilities of underutilized spaces. Participants are given free maps of the area explored, and invited to read Coreil-Allen’s growing Typology of New Public Sites (available for free download) to learn more about his “radical pedestrianism” and “radical cartography.”

Accessibility, Community, Economy, Information, Pleasure
3,700 to date – 100-1,200 per event
Problem - underutilized potential of invisible public spaces
Solution - naming, framing, and activating public spaces through radical cartography and walking tours