Michael Pecirno

Notes for Anyone


since 2011

The average American is exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisements per day. Chicago art director and artist Michael Pecirno’s Notes for Anyone attempts to reclaim a tiny percentage of our shared visual field to spread messages of encouragement and love. Describing his work as “guerilla positivity,” Pecirno started by attaching posters with messages such as “I’m Proud of You” and “Everyone Matters” to street lamps and parking signs in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Following suit with fellow Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman’s well-known You Are Beautiful project, which started as a small sticker campaign and grew into murals and art installations around the world, Notes for Anyone has spread quickly. Most recently, the Billboard Art Project, a nonprofit that transforms roadside billboards into a platform for art, has transmitted Pecirno’s upbeat messages in Baton Rouge and San Bernadino.

Accessibility, Community, Pleasure
3.50 per sign
6 hours for 20 signs
Problem - Americans are bombarded with advertisements every day
Solution - introduce messages of encouragement, enthusiasm, and love