Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn, New York

2010 to present

Motivated by the desire to create a dignified platform that elevates the flea market to the quality of its artisans, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar provides a curated environment for the best local art, design, music and food. This mobile mega- pop-up merges crafts and concerts, art and social causes, design and handmade delights while providing homegrown talent and budding entrepreneurs an inexpensive place to test their creations. Inspired by the night markets of Asia, the roving weekend-night event has taken place on a stalled development site, an industrial waterfront lot, and an empty 40,000-square-foot warehouse – the latter featuring temporary furniture designed by architect Julient De Smedt. Funds raised on Kickstarter helped finance some of the basic set-up costs.

Accessibility, Community, Economy, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
2 months planning + 3 days event
6 lead + 40 support
Problem - high overhead costs and restrictive regulations that might discourage budding entrepreneurs
Solution - inexpensive and fun platform that incubates local economies in a dynamic and social setting