Howling Mob Society

Ten New Historical Markers

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


In 2007 a group of Pittsburgh-based artists, activists, and amateur historians coalesced around their interest in the often- buried history of radicalism in the United States. Perturbed by the lack of visibility and appropriate perspective given to important moments of resistance reflected in the city’s existing historical markers, they formed the Howling Mob Society to research and design a series of new public signs. Their first effort focused on the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, with ten markers detailing significant events installed throughout the city, inspiring considerable local debate. To date, eight of the ten signs are still up, and an accompanying website invites readers to explore an interactive map and delve deeper into this lesser-known chapter of the city’s history.

Accessibility, Community, Information
10 months
Problem - incomplete “official” urban histories
Solution - public markers of fringe historical events