Design That Moves You

Stairway Stories

New York City

2011 to present

Would you forego the elevator if climbing stairs promised a great story? That’s what industrial designers Alison Uljee and Sierra Seip hope to achieve with Stairway Stories, which is a part of their larger project, Design That Moves You, aimed at combating obesity through public design interventions. Stairway Stories entices people to take the stairs, with snippets of a story adhered to ascending risers. Uljee and Seip tested their project at the High Line park, posting a sign on an elevator suggesting visitors make the two-flight climb. Those opting for exercise were rewarded with “a romantic and educational encounter between two angler fish.” It might have been more work, but then “Her gorgeous face glowed…”

Accessibility, Community, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
90 or less
30 minutes for installation
Problem - encourage people to take the stairs instead of the elevator
Solution - reward stair-climbers with an entertaining, sexy story