New Haven, Connecticut, and elsewhere

2008 to present

Ben Berkowitz was inspired to start SeeClickFix after struggling to get the city of New Haven to remove graffiti from a neighbor’s building. After repeatedly calling City Hall and getting nowhere, he realized that citizens everywhere likely had the same experience and desire to have a reliable channel to communicate with their city officials. As a website and mobile app, SeeClickFix enables citizens to report non-emergency problems (for example, potholes, fallen trees, broken traffic lights) to city officials and the media simultaneously – the company has almost 80 government partners and 700 media partners – so there is more transparency about the resolution of civic problems. SeeClickFix calls on citizens to take ownership of the problems in their communities, enabling them to be not just voters but attentive civic actors.

Accessibility, Community, Information
Problem - broken-down public space
Solution - empower citizens to collaborate with local government to fix community problems