Planning Corps

Queens Boulevard Intervention

Queens, New York


In 2009, after the death of cyclist James Langergaard on Queens Boulevard, a group of urban planners committed themselves to bringing safety improvements to this auto-centric thoroughfare. They formed the Planning Corps, and through monthly working sessions with activists and residents, they realized their work could have impact beyond Queens Boulevard: By educating people about complex transportation topics, they could empower them to work with the full range of stakeholders – residents, businesses, and government agencies – to bring positive changes. This resulted in the Public Engagement Tool Kit, which breaks down everything from signal timing to congestion data, and documents precedents of broad boulevards from around the world to suggest how to more safely allocate space for cars, transit, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Accessibility, Community, Information, Sustainability
0 – donation of time and materials
18 months of 2 hour workshops + 10 days to make toolkit
5 core team, 40+ participants
Problem - process for safety and design improvements on large streets opaque and difficult to influence
Solution - tactical toolkit to engage community and government stakeholders