Urban Operations

Parkman Triangle Park

Los Angeles


Los Angeles – based Urban Operations’ work exploits loopholes in the rules that govern the streetscape. Parkman Triangle, a wedge-shaped space that was once a turn lane, is classified by the city as an “improvement” instead of as a park. Initiated by John Southern, the pocket park is planted with native and drought-resistant trees, succulents, and grasses. City guidelines regulate boulders differently than street furniture, so the designer chose large flat rocks for seating. Local residents pitched in to help with the construction. “It fosters a sense of civic stewardship between members of the community through its maintenance and upkeep,” Southern says. The project is part of a study focusing on the identification and reprogramming of sites that do not appear in GIS databases.

Accessibility, Community, Economy, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
14 days
4 design + 100 volunteers construction
Problem - lack of pedestrian-oriented public space
Solution - reprogrammed derelict urban transportation infrastructure into flexible civic space