Kingshighway Vigilante Transitions

Kingshighway Skatepark

St.Louis, Missouri

2009 to present

Jonathan Ware wasn’t sure whether to bring a bag of concrete along with a skateboard and pads on his first visit to Kingshighway Skatepark. “Word on the street was if you showed up and you did not contribute in some way, you would not be permitted to skate there,” says Ware, a local architect and skater. Situated below an overpass in south St. Louis, the highly popular skate park was built by an all-volunteer network of skaters in an urban dead zone. Plans to overhaul the road above now jeopardize the park’s future, but its success has galvanized larger efforts between the volunteer group now known as Kingshighway Vigilante Transitions, city officials, and the community to build sanctioned skate parks in other locations throughout the city.

Accessibility, Community, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
0 – materials scavenged, labor donated
1,000 hours – iterative, ongoing
Problem - lack of public skateparks
Solution - overhaul of illegal dumping ground