Public Media Institute

For Squat / Reuben Kincaid Realty

Chicago and anywhere

2010 to present

Reuben Kincaid Realty invites people to “Be Your Own Agent!” Describing itself as a “certified Rehousing Consultancy,” the faux real estate website features listings of abandoned or recently foreclosed-upon properties available for squat. A project of the nonprofit Public Media Institute (PMI), the listings are often crowdsourced, with entries mimicking brokers’ enthusiasm (“stunning two-bedroom townhouse, skyline views; owner recently evicted,” or “Perfect location! Abandoned church ready for occupation or weekend parties!”). PMI installs “For Squat” signs on available properties, and encourages people to download the sign and join their campaign to fight for the basic human right to shelter. A foil to the satire is the website’s links to articles and organizations that address the homeless crisis.

Accessibility, Community, Information, Sustainability
500 – sign production
3 weeks – organize and print signs
Problem - abundant foreclosures and homeless population
Solution - publicize buildings available for squat