Austin, Texas and elsewhere

2011 to present

Bubbleware is a modular, inflatable public furniture system that invites visitors to develop new forms of informal social interaction, creativity and collaboration within the often rigid structures of the city. The large and pillowy Bubbleware modules, meant for lounging and relaxing, provide a visual and tactile contrast to the typical urban hardscape. Designed by San Francisco – based art and design studio Rebar, Bubbleware modules can be reconfigured and adapted to support a variety of social encounters and informal collaborations, from small lounge spaces to aggregates that support large group gatherings. Both playful and critical, Bubbleware invites the viewer to consider the role of design in structuring our social experience of the city.

Accessibility, Community, Economy, Pleasure
15,000 – plus in-kind donation from Timbuk2
120 days
Problem - cities don't encourage social interaction
Solution - create user-friendly environments with inflatable furniture