AFHny Studio


Bronx, New York


For all the foot traffic that crosses the stepped block of East 165th Street of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York, one would assume it would also receive a modicum of maintenance. But like so many out-of-the way corners of New York, it was run down, trash-ridden, and crime-heavy. AFHNY Studio thought it had the perfect makings of a new social space for the local community, with its multiple levels and landings where people might cross and gather. ARTfarm is comprised of planters fashioned from found objects like cabinet doors and carpet remains (rolled into cylinders), and the planted perennials are maintained by the locals who helped build the space.

Community, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
90 days – outreach, design, and construction
7 + 45 community volunteers
Problem - trash-ridden, crime-heavy thoroughfare
Solution - community garden made from found objects