Ed Woodham

Art in Odd Places

Manhattan, New York

since 2005

Drawing on sources as diverse as Dadaism, Situationism, Jane Jacobs’ urban activism and Abbie Hoffman’s pranksterism, Ed Woodham’s Art in Odd Places (AiOP) is a self-sustaining, collaborative project that aims to expand the conventions of communication in the public realm. Active in New York City since 2005, AiOP is Woodham’s response to a sense of diminishing public space and contracting civil liberties within those spaces. AiOP works to locate the cracks in public space policies, and then co-opts that space for a month of visual and performing arts interventions each year. For AiOP, public space is social space, and artworks can be actively integrated into the exchanges that take place in this realm to inspire the popular imagination.

Community, Information, Pleasure, Sustainability
1 year
Problem - restricted use of public space
Solution - ephemeral art interventions that bypass public space regulations